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  • The Figma plugins that make me a better designer
    I’m going to share 9 utility plugins I’ve developed to help me work more effectively in Figma as a product designer at Shopify. Let me show you how!
  • Game Builder Garage promises a Nintendo masterclass in creativity
    Nodon is one of the stars of Nintendo's new game. ... The other star is you, because Nintendo's new game is not a game at all, really, but rather a tool for making games. There are plenty of these tools, right, and yes, Nintendo has made a few. It's made a few game-making tools that were pretty much games in themselves actually. And now it's made another.
  • Noise in Creative Coding
    Noise is an indispensable tool for creative coding. We use it to generate all kinds of organic effects like clouds, landscapes and contours. Or to move and distort objects with a more lifelike behaviour. On the surface, noise appears to be simple to use but, there are so many layers to it. This post takes a deep dive into what noise is, its variants, how to use it on the web and its applications. And lot’s of examples. So many examples!
  • Weg met e-mail! - De Correspondent
    In dertig jaar tijd is digitale communicatie de norm geworden. Aan berichten geen gebrek, maar toch zijn we er niet beter door gaan werken. Ons werk verandert juist in een hyperactieve, maar weinig efficiënte bijenkorf, schrijft computerwetenschapper Cal Newport.
  • Say Hello To CSS Container Queries
    I haven’t been more excited for a CSS feature like I’m now in the past six years I spent as a front-end developer. The prototype of container queries is now available behind a flag in Chrome Canary.
  • De belofte van de nacht – De Groene Amsterdammer
    Niet naar de club kunnen is meer dan een onbeduidend gemis. De nacht opent de deuren naar nieuwe ervaringen van de wereld en onszelf.
  • Case Study: The Evolution of Google Maps & Colour Picking Methodology
    Since Google Maps launched 15 years ago, they have revolutionised the world of digital maps...
  • Don’t Shut Down Your Business! Instead Use Eleventy Image—zachleat.com
    Well image optimization can’t solve that problem but I am here to tell you about Eleventy 🖼 Image—an exciting new utility to perform build-time image transformations for both vector and raster images. It’s easy to use and it does not require Eleventy. You can use it in any Node.js script.
  • An introduction to the vanilla JS Intersection Observer API
    The Intersection Observer API can be used to observe and element and run a callback function when it enters or leaves the viewport (or another element). It’s far more performant than using a scroll event listener with the Element.getBoundingClientRect() method.
  • Gunnar Freyr
    Gunnar is a Reykjavik based photographer, storyteller and creative entrepreneur. He was born in Denmark by Icelandic parents and in 2014, he decided to quit his corporate job to satisfy his desire for adventure. With camera in hand, his passion for exploration led him out into the wilderness. Gunnar loves to travel and is always excited for new adventures and projects!
  • The End of AMP
    Part of the Google update is that all pages with high Page Experience scores are eligible to be in the featured top news carousel. This effectively means that publishers will no longer be forced to use AMP and can instead provide fast, rich experiences on their own domains.
  • Adjust Textarea Height While Typing To Fit Content With JavaScript - Andreas Wik
  • A Complete Guide To Accessible Front-End Components — Smashing Magazine
  • Split Screen: How Different Are Americans’ Facebook Feeds?
    Snapshots from the Facebook feeds of our Citizen Browser panelists illuminate how Facebook’s recommendation algorithm siloes information on the platform.
  • Radiohead Public Library
    Wat een collectie! Genieten dit
  • Take A Ride With Me
    Op takearidewith.me kun je met Nikolaj Juhlsen een ritje meerijden op zijn mountainbike. Zeker de moeite waard om even te bezoeken (wachten wordt beloond).
  • Front-of-the-front-end and back-of-the-front-end web development
    De scheiding tussen front-end en back-end was vroeger simpel. Met de populariteit van javascript frameworks (React, Vue, Angular) is deze scheiding moeilijk(er) te bepalen. Ik ben wel een echte front-of-the-front-end developer.
  • Traditional Globemakers
    Een mooie inkijk in het maken van de mooiste wereldbollen/globes
  • But My Client Wants
    Resources for building JAMstack client websites
  • The office will never be the same
    Home offices may become the norm. Open offices aren't just unproductive, they're unhealthy.
  • Home Office Setup Guide: The Best Gear for Working at Home
    Do you need a monitor, desk, webcam, or pair of headphones? Here's our ultimate laundry list of recommended gear to improve your new home office.
  • DEPOT. Milgrad
    Redesign om je pootje bij af te likken. Miauw!
  • Drowning in plastic
    Visualising the world’s addiction to plastic bottles
  • The Just in Case Mindset in CSS
    While building websites, there are many cases where we want to make sure if a design component will work under different conditions. The just in case mindset aims to educate designers and developers to think ahead of time of some possible failure scenarios for a component.
  • A Hotel Life
    A Hotel Life offers you reviews of some of the worlds coolest hotels and insight into the people behind them.
  • this vs that
    What is the difference between ___ and ___ in the front-end development?
  • Wit Huiswerk
    Dit is een onvolledig naslagwerk voor witte mensen die zich in hun strijd tegen racisme willen verdiepen.